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Archive for November, 2011

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Coming in to Land

a seagull landing on water

farewell to the ocean
farewell to the sea
farewell to the wind
farewell to gliding free

to my soul are calling
the homely shores no more
my self I must harbor
where I’ve not been before.

Monday, November 28th, 2011


Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011


Still not able to talk, so have a photo from my trip to the US last summer instead, as a means of saying “Hello” – this was taken in Bloomington, on campus.

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

(An absence of) Focus

a b/w fallen tree

In other news: I am home sick, because I picked up some thing that really did my throat/voice in, and so I cannot/am not allowed to talk until Friday. Argh. Mostly I am fine, but yeah, talking hurts, and class today (before I wised up and went to the doc) was … painful. And croaky. And did nothing any favours. So I am silent as a silent mouse and gargling nasty stuff and also fighting on the minor front of my ears aching.

Really bummed about missing class tomorrow, though … the schedule wasn’t generous as it is, and I kind of needed all three short fiction sessions. Still, it’s an intro class, which means I talk lots more than I do in my other classes, and if I cannot and ought not speak, well … *sigh*.At least its otherwise one of the lighter weeks, so I am not missing a senate meeting or the  appointment committee, or any other important event.

Off to gargle with more stuff now, so it goes away again soon.

the same tree, in focus

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Sunny days shall come again

the inside of a flower

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

Towering shadows

Dizzily spinning you asked for distance
but then refused to let me go.

I feel empty before
this towering shadow
of unequity.

Are we planning to split
friends between us,

But still – I choose;
this time I choose
on my own.

I keep searching for a ring
that is still on my finger.

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Flenburg, 4pm (*sigh*)

a street with a car, headlights

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011


I dreamt you kissed me;
I sat on the wooden deck stairs,
listening to you sleep.

Work hard and be persistent,
she told me, lucent judge,
while digging for coins.

They gleamed in the dark earth,
perfect specimens
of our fictive history.

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Some days …

…I envy theists.


Friday, November 11th, 2011

If here you fall asleep, and dream…

…what dreams may come?


This is my reply for the challenge to take a photo “from another angle.”

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Immiscible suspension

salad sauce before you mix it

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

A Chance Encounter

some kind of black bug

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Man to Man: God and Wolfe

So, today … today I wrote six pages, which, putting it in words here, does not sound like all that much, but it took most of the day, and then I couldn’t write anymore. I mean, obviously I can, but I was … phhht. ‘The air was out,’ to use a literal translation of a German phrase that indicates that your dynamism is gone. Still, I got to rant for a sentence or three that Hobbes’ quote that “Man to Man is an arrant Wolfe” (the [in]famous homo homine lupus) is a) not from the Leviathan, but in fact from De Cive, and b) always taken out of context, for the complete quote reads:

To speak impartially, both sayings are very true; That Man to Man is a kind of God; and that Man to Man is an arrant Wolfe. The first is true, if we compare Citizens amongst themselves; and the second, if we compare Cities.  In the one, there’s some analogie of similitude with the Deity, to wit, Justice and Charity, the twin-sisters of peace: But in the other, Good men must defend themselves by taking to them for a Sanctuary the two daughters of War, Deceipt and Violence: that is in plaine termes a meer brutall Rapacity: which although men object to one another as a reproach, by an inbred custome which they have of beholding their own actions in the persons of other men, wherein, as in a Mirroir, all things on the left side appeare to be on the right, & all things on the right side to be as plainly on the left; yet the naturall right of preservation which we all receive from the uncontroulable Dictates of Necessity, will not admit it to be a Vice, though it confesse it to be an Unhappinesse.

So really, man is both, depending on any number of things. It’s all in the preface of De Cive (a handy link to which I provide right here), if you want to read the complete context. Still, writing about Hobbes mean reading up on the context of the quote, and that was an unexpected investment of two hours or so, and getting to Hobbes via Annette Kolodny’s The Lay of the Land also was not fast, and neither were really what I set out to write today, but showed themselves as being necessary ingredients at some point anyhow.

Then I watched Illuminati: Angels & Demons, because it was on TV at about the time I stopped writing (I’d say “was done writing,” but the truth is, an academic is *never* done writing, you only stop due to exhaustion or because you run out of time). It was … not as bad as the Da Vinci Code was, and – maybe because I did some puttering around etc while it was on – I did not see the plot-twist with the  one dude coming, at least not until they wanted to turn him into the head dude of all dudes. Then I was like … no, there’s still 20 minutes of the movie left, that can’t be right. Also, aren’t you a bit young, and isn’t fountain guy destined for that job? (I know, vague writing is vague, but I am trying to avoid spoiling the movie in case you haven’t seen it yet). I think it ought to make sense if you actually have seen it. Also: where is Jesus’ great-great-great-great-…-grand-daughter? Weren’t they, like, romancing it up? (I know, he wrote Angels & Demons before the DVC, but in the movie they refer to the DVC, so they could have easliy included a thow-away mention amongst all the other throw-away mentions …). Though really: I’m not that invested. And it only took me about an hour to recognize Ewan McGregor. (In my defense: Star Wars I – III, I have not seen them! Nor do I want to.) So, that was my day. How was yours?

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Whimsical levels of artifice

So, the dancing was … somewhere on the slippery slope between weird and cool, I am not quite sure which ultimately won. Or would have won, had there not been a conscious decision at some point to simply accept that all the music there was ever going to be that evening would be stuff to which a strong and loud 4/4 artificial beat had been added via the inclusion of an electronic drum kit – and the beat was of the same speed, too, always. Basically, you could start moving in a certain pattern and stop three hours later, without variation having been called for. Also, it’s possible to do really horrible things to “Tubular Bells”. Aside from that one trick pony the guy who did the sampling was not without skill, and the people there all seemed to really enjoy themselves. It kind of felt like a student party at someone’s house (who happens to have a large empty room with a plywood floor), but it’s 20 years later and everyone has aged accordingly, yet the location and the music remains the same (well, plus the added beat).  It definitely didn’t beat surfing across the dancefloor to the Beach Boys, though. (Not that there were any chairs.) Will I go back? Who knows!

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

A ‘Souvenir de Porto Rico

So, today I’ve been doing random bits of organizatorial work, working on my theory chapter, and listening to a CD of Louis Moreau Gottschalks’ work titled “A Night in the Tropics” a lot, especially to track #2: “Souvenir de Porto Rico, Marche des Gibaros“. I first encountere LMG in the “Jazz Influence” class I took during my year abroad, and fell in love with this piece of music – and then kind of forgot about it, and the CD got left behind at my parent’s place when I moved without having been digitized, and so its been some years since I last listened to it. I found it again while going through the things I still have there, pondering what to sell on ebay, and snuck it into a box of stuff I mailed to myself. Everything else in that box will go on ebay in the next weeks, but this CD I’m keeping.

And now, while the potato that is for dinner is baking in the oven (thank you, S, for teaching me that trick!), I shall see if I cannot finish another page of writing – before I head out the door to go dancing at 10pm, at a word-of-mouth-only kind of event here in Flensburg. I’m … intrigued. And will let you know how it went!