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Monday, February 27th, 2012


some painted easter eggs, fancy

I am in Mannheim right now for an upcoming birthday celebration in the family and spending a lot of my time working on my disputation presentation for next Friday (almost finished, I think) and generally looking up bits and bobs that I ran out of time with my dissertation on, but in between all that academicificationeering (at some point I’ll come here when I am not busy with work!) I went along to an outing to a local Easter Egg market today. It was … eggful. Full of eggs. Eggy. Not all of them were in one basket. And no-one got egg on their face. It was not a place conducive to photography, but I managed some, and here’s one, of … eggs. (Also, decorated eggs can be super expensive. And I personally wouldn’t spend € 150 on something that fragile. Too much clumsiness all around, for sure! Some of them were really pretty, though. Still, you know … eggs. It was kind of like an egg-themed christmas market, but without the Glühwein and sausages [they did have waffles {not, hmm, that Christmas Markets traditionally do…}]).

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

Take me outside

a ladybug on my finger


Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Le cheval, c’est moi.

A horse head from below

Here’s another challenge reply, this time for the prompt “point of view of a small child.”

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

To fence in the sea

Thursday, February 16th, 2012


I have a date for my PhD defense (March 2nd), and (not entirely coincidentally, now also handed in a holiday request [approved] and have booked flights and a rental car for after – hotel for the first night still to be booked).

Dear US economy, I shall be doing a tiny bit to put money into your system, soon.
Dear €/$ exchange rate, *please* don’t tank completely in the next 5 weeks. Please?

19 days, 5 states.
Coastlines and sunshine (hopefully) and history and swamps and beaches and Cape Canaveral!

The plan is this (although the actual routes I take will be a lot more meandering!) :


Wednesday, February 15th, 2012


to mur·ger,  v.
1.  to destroy a rival company via hostile takeover.
(A portemanteau word of murder and merger, usage as a noun also possible: “a murger”.)

Blinkydonk & Wholph ~ed its American rival Snickypop this morning. Tec stock up two percent on the trading floor.


[These are the things my colleague G. and I come up with in senate meeting breaks, somewhat by accident.]

Monday, February 13th, 2012


Podcasting Vernissage Flyer, by Silke Streichhahn

I don’t post about work on here much (well, that is, except to soliloquize about the PhD from time to time), but today shall mark an exception, as today was a) an event open to the public and b) awesome! I offered a project class on podcasting this winter term (which is just about ending now) in our KSM (culture – language – media) masters programme, and tonight we had an exhibition in the library of the video podcasts the students made, as an opportunity to showcase the work and so that more people/the people who appear in the podcasts can see the final results, where the students got to introduce their movies and they were then shown to the gathered masses.

The movies are fabulous, the poster design looks great, everything went smoothly and came together and I am really glad that we managed to attract a decently sized crowd to the vernissage tonight, weather and end-of-term work notwithstanding, as they all really put in a lot of work and it really deserves to be seen by lots more people than just me.

I hope a lot of people will take the chance to go and visit the exhibit, which will be on for at least two weeks, starting tomorrow. (And if the podcasts are added to the uni website like we hope they will be, I’ll share a link).

So, that was my evening. How was yours?

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

The Road (movie)

dvd cover of the roadI just watched the movie they made of Cormac McCarthy’s book The Road – a bit tardily, I realize, as it was in cinemas a while ago, but since the book features in my thesis I did not want to watch the movie before I had finished writing about the book. I dreaded watching this movie a bit, to be honest, both out of a combination of the grim subject matter and the doubt that they could really do the book justice, and alas, I was right on that second account. Some of the really gory bits are in the movie all right, but they are entirely not as horrible in the movie as they are in the book, because McCarthy’s descriptions makes them feel much closer, since he usually uses the most beautiful language to talk about the most heinous things, and thus makes them far more disturbing than a non-aestheticising depiction of them is.

The acting is overall fine (outstanding in some cases), some of the imagery and mise-en-scene are beautifully done, but the depth the novel has is entirely missing. They’ve shorn all the complexity out of the novel and turned it into this straightforward (somewhat shallow) story, and twisted the religious complexities to boot – the interaction between Ely and the man is … not what it could be, and they’ve left out the entire complexity that the flare pistol has.  –> The philosophical depth: gone.

Also, visually, the world is entirely not dark and bleak enough.

(I could get nit-picky here about a lot of things [the boats!], but I shall refrain, both to not post too many spoilers and because I think few people actually want to read a list of my complaints, right? Or observations about the interesting choice of using voice-over for parts of the movie – it gives the father a narrative agency that is quite different from the book [but a viable alternative to lots of establishing shots]. Some of those voice-overs are good, some … not so much).

Good actors let down by a strangely lacking and shallow script. A shame. So: if you know neither the book nor the movie do yourself a favour: read the book. If you love the movie for what it is: don’t read the book. If you like Viggo Mortensen: yeah, okay, go on and watch the movie, then (though I don’t think it’s his best work, either).

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

London, one fine day

London in b/w

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Two Colours of Ice

Ice at the beach

This morning, my car battery sounded like it would really apprechiate a stint on the highway to get recharged a bit, and so after I left work I took the Flensburg bypass out to the Danish border and stopped for a tad in Wassersleben on the way back, to see what the beach looked like this winter. (For two years ago, see here). A lot less snow, and definitely colder.

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Metaphorical Curtains

Fragmentary words about
metaphorical curtains
haunt me, from time to time,
and make me wonder
if you rue choosing them;
on clearsighted nights,
when the darkness seems close.

Stars wait; darkness waits; silence waits.

On clearsighted nights I discover myself waiting.

Clearsighted nights
call for oblivion.